Trying to setup my DKIM

Hi - I use Active Campaign and it’s unclear how to paste in the TXT record name/how to format that - I think that’s the step I’m having a problem with. Also, if there is something else I need to do after that is setup.


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Are you following along with these directions at ActiveCampaign?

yes. but the format to paste is different into Cloudflare seems to be different…

If you want to create a domain key record in Cloudflare for your apex domain ( and not a subdomain (, you would need to know the selector, which you can think of as a name for that particular DKIM record. ActiveCampaign used a selector of dk in one of their examples. You also need the contents to populate the TXT record. This usually begins with v=DKIM1; k=rsa; although I have seen some omit the v=DKIM1;. It will conclude with p=your RSA public key displayed as a long string of ASCII text.

You put them both together in Cloudflare by clicking Add record and setting the type to TXT. You then enter the selector followed by ._domainkey, which would be dk._domainkey if we use the example selector mentioned earlier. You will use the other information to fill the Content section.

Before you save your new TXT record, you will be able to preview it in the sentence above the data entry fields. It will appear similar to this : “ has a record with content v=DKIM1; k=rsa; p=your RSA public key displayed as a long string of ASCII text.

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