Trying to setup a custom subdomain to point to a Google Run service

I have added my domain to Cloudflare and configured Ionos to use the two Cloudflare nameservers. I have created a CNAME record for one subdomain and successfully directed it to a netlify service created by a friend which works fine. I have also created a CNAME record for another subdomain and pointed it to a similar Google Run service but all traffic through the subdomain address returns 404. The Google Run app works fine at its default Google issued address but nothing when run through the Cloudflare subdomain.

I have set SSL/TLS to Full and turned off Always Use HTTPS on Edge Certificates as those were mentioned by others as possible issues.

I’m sure I’m missing something simple but can’t work out what.

Have you configured your Google Cloud Run app to use the subdomain to serve the app? Simply creating the CNAME in Cloudflare isn’t enough.


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Thanks. I had pretty much come to that conclusion myself as the 404 is clearly being served up by Google but the app log shows the app isn’t receiving the request. But many thanks for confirming and pointing me to the right docs.

Now working, though configuring the custom domain mapping in Google Run turned out to be a dark art. Thanks again for your help

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