Trying to set up email, can not locate information for MX Records

I purchased a domain from Namecheap and in 2022 this domain’s nameserver was changed to Cloudflare. I never got notified about this, and had no account set up with Cloudflare until today when I was told to set on up in order to submit a help ticket. I am trying to set up email with Google Workplace and I need to access my MX Records. When I log into Cloudflare, my domain doesn’t show up anywhere that I can see in order to find the the code I need to update my MX Records. Can someone please let me know how I am supposed to link my domain information to my newly created account here in Cloudflare and then how to update my email with the MX Records so my email will work? Thank you so much!

If the domain is indeed using Cloudflare’s nameservers, then someone who has access to the domain’s registrar account did this. It’s simply not possible for Cloudflare or any random person who doesn’t have access to the domain to make such a change.

If you hired someone to work on your site, that person could have done this in good faith to secure and speed up your site. It could be someone else entirely though.

If the domain was indeed added to Cloudflare previously, then it would be in the account of whoever added the domain, and not in your newly-created account.

Luckily, it’s easy to fix this. Simply add the domain to your newly-created account. In the process, you’ll be assigned a new pair of Cloudflare nameservers. Go to your domain registrar (where you purchased the domain from), remove all the existing nameservers, and add your new pair of Cloudflare nameservers.

When this is completed, you’ll receive an email from Cloudflare telling you your domain is now active on Cloudflare. You can then visit the DNS screen in your Cloudflare dashboard to add your MX records and continue to set up your Google Workspace account.

Can you share your domain name so I keep tabs on this for you?

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Hi George! Thank you so much for your response! I’ve thankfully been able to figure this out. The missing piece was that my website is on Kajabi and I hadn’t realized that they have their own nameserver. So they technically are my nameserver and back when I first set up my website last year, they had me update my DNS on Namecheap to point to cloudflare, which is what they use. I had completely forgotten that I did this step last year. Even though my nameserver shows up as Cloudflare, I don’t have an actual account where I can log in and access those, it is all done on the backend apparently. I was able to adjust everything I needed to via the Kajabi dashboard and the issue has been resolved. Again, thank you so much for your response. Take care!


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