Trying to set up DKIM/Aweber

I am trying to set up DKIM for Aweber email service. I have entered the info they gave me into Cloudflare DNS records. It is still not verified. Any help much appreciated. Below are two screenshots. One of the Aweber info. And one of my Cloudflare settings. Thanks much in advance.

Please, before you proceed, unproxy the A-Entry “mail”, then follow their clear instructions.

And unproxy the CNAME records for awewber_key, as well.


I received a report from Google on my domain report. I notice that is says DKIM fail. See below. I’m not sure how to address this. Any insights are greatly appreciated. Thanks.










Hello there,

DKIM fail due to improper configuration or no configuration.

Here, policy is set to have none. You need to fix that. You can read this post for the reference:

DMARCIAN would be the best help for you:

Further reference, check this another thread:

Thanks very much. I’ll try that

Thank you both very much. I did this and I think it worked. See screenshot. Should I leave those records unproxied now? Thanks

Yes. They need to stay unproxied.

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