Trying to set on DNS in router but won't save. Help please!


hopefully someone can help me:

i tried changing the dns server of my router to the (after seeing a video about it. LTT on YT)
so i entered the settings were it said the first dns setting:

DNS Server: (setting was changed from isp dns to user definied before changing numbers)
first dns… < here i put
second dns… < there i put the
third i selected “none”

after i scrolled and saw ipv6 dns settings which where blank. I have dual stack enabled and my isp supports ipv6 so dont know why it was blank.
so i changed the setting of “let isp define dns” to “user defined dns” for the first and second, third i selected none.

after all that i clicked apply and then closed everything and relaunch my browser only to see that it reverted to the default settings when i relogged in my router, like it never saved.
when i clicked apply the router page shut down and went back to the loading screen like it does when i change things in it and save so i don’t get what i did wrong.

help will be appreciated.

i also attached 2 screenshots of the settings page i have for my router. Couldn’t take just 1 screenshot of the entire page for some reason so it split in 2 but it is all on the same page.

P.S: tried posting and said i could only upload 1 image since im new. so i combined screenshots into one image.


That may be the firmware preventing custom DNS servers, have you tried with Google’s and

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