Trying to scrape my website but facebook developer tools having problem


Attached is the screenshot of error when trying to scrape my domain with Facebook Developer Tool,

I have already checked all the configuration from my vesta control panel and website Backoffice settings

and I don’t see any configuration that causes the error to exist,

please anyone could help me to scrape my site for SEO purposes.

Alfonso IV

There’s a Timeout error on that one. When I test the site, it takes a very long time to load. Pingdom says it takes at least 20 seconds just for the HTML to load.

The og: warnings look legitimate. I don’t see any such tags in your code.

Do you have any suggestion buddy?

I’m using a prestashop by the way and theme I bought has a code for meta tags,
maybe there is something wrong that causes the meta tags are being invisible but I don’t know where is it,

Thank you in advance.

  1. Your site is very resource intensive. At ~10MB and 450 requests, it takes around 25 seconds to load. Find some ways to speed this up, such as image resizing and compression, remove bloated features, and server optimization. At 20+ seconds to generate the home page, your server may be underpowered for Prestashop.
  2. If Prestashop has Facebook settings, see if there’s a way to set those og: tags. Maybe the Prestashop forums have some tips.

Yeah I figured it out for some reason I have uploaded huge photos maybe in my sliders module,
and I thought its okay maybe the server is being underpowered with prestashop,
Thank you so much I’ll try to compress or reduce some of huge images/photos in the Backoffice,

Thank you so much for your help sdayman, I thought I’m having problems with coding and other configuration, maybe facebook tools timeout is too way fast to load the whole page,

God bless buddy, Please have this case closed.

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