Trying to resolve site flicker with Rocket Loader

Rocket Loader is great and has really improved site speed.

However I am trying to resolve the site flickering on initial load.

Anyone able to help or point me in the right direction to try and troubleshoot?

Hi @internationalliving, yes, here is a good thread that talks about the issue you’re encountering, Rocket Loader causes blink/flicker on page load. Digging for other details to share…

Thank you!

I’ll try reading through that now and see if it helps.

We also use Wp Rocket on our site which I think may be related to the site flickering too.

I’m slowly reading through lots of threads here :grinning:

But any other help would be greatly appreciated

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It seems that Wp Rocket recommends not using Rocket Loader?

Anyone know why in particular that is?

Or any way of getting these to play nicely together…

I guess no one knows how to get Rocket Loader to work nicely with WordPress when using WP Rocket cache plugin?

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