Trying to Register a Domain - Both Credit Cards Failed

is there a customer support number or email address to help validate my credit card information? I have attempted two separate cards to register a domain and both have failed. The response is " Please review your purchase details and try again, or review the Troubleshoot failed payments guide for further guidance."

I looked in the guide and was not able to find anything to see why my payment was failing. Any intel on how to get in touch with support would be greatly appreciated.


the review would have come to you via email, perhaps check spam/junk folder?

If you are unable to locate the email, can you create a Billing ticket and share your ticket number here? You can open a Billing ticket here,

thank you @cloonan. I think the payment never actually went through so I never received a confirmation email. But on my credit card app I see two payments as “pending” for the domain purchase

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Thank you, I think you’re correct. I see the transaction in your dash but not the invoice. And icann is not showing the domain as registered.

I suspect the best / fastest course of action is to purchase it again, look out for any confirming email messages and verify it in the dash. The team will make sure you’re not charged twice for the same domain (as I don’t think the first purchase will go through if it has not already)

Tagging @micky as a sanity check to my assumptions :slight_smile:

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Should be right. If you have created a billing ticket please share the ticket number with us so that we can take a look at it.

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