Trying to redirect traffics to 1 specific port on my server

Hi, I have domain and i want to make a sub domain like to redirect all configs to somthing like but i also have another dns record like which is pointing at the same server but all traffics i want to be like before i searched a lot but i just found rules setting but did’nt help me when i create a new rule i don’t know how to assign it with my dns record
Tnx in advance
sry for bad english

Ports are not handled by DNS.

You need to set the DNS record for each subdomain you want to use in your Cloudflare DNS, then you can use origin rules to point at the port that is used by your origin server for all subdomains, or have different ports set for different subdomains if that is what you need…

If in doubt, share screenshots of your DNS and your origin rules.


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