Trying to redirect subdomains

Dear all
Sorry, I’ve tried for an hour to figure this out and use other support tickets but no luck. I do not seem to be able to make my subdomains redirect.

I would like to go to

I tried

.rlaca/ to go to https://$$2


* to go to$2

any many other variations.

I also tried to add A records and CNAME records as detailed in other ticket, but I just can’t get it working.

So I thought I’d better ask someone that knows what they are doing.


Can you post a screenshot of your Page Rule(s) for this? And also a valid subdomain we can test?

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly, wow! ok here they are. I deleted everything, so just have the rules that make the* go to*

I have two subdomains for now, and

So having a forwarder would be awesome.


It looks like you don’t have DNS records for those hostnames at rla. Or any hostnames, for that matter. You need :orange: hostname in order for page rules to work.

Then your third page rule can be to match ** and forward to the $1/$2 URL in your example.

I did try to add those DNS records as per some other examples, however it didn’t seem to work, let me add them again.

Here is the screen print of the DNS records, is this right?

I read somewhere that the address can be a dummy IP?


Hold the phone, it worked, god knows why it didn’t work for me before, I think I did it the same. THank you so much for your help.

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That worked.

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