Trying to redirect newly added domain to another url - need help

Hello. I registered new domain (1and1) then deleted default name servers (at 1and1). I then went to cloudflare and added my domain. Cloudflare provided two name servers which I then added to my registrar. When name servers propagated I went back to cloudflare to 301 redirect this domain via rules to another url. That domain also proxified by cloudflare. Finally when everything was set up I tried to visit domain but the redirect does not work. For testing purposes I disabled ssl and tls - still no go. Am I missing something? I want this new domain name redirfected to another “” via rules - 301. Does anybody have any recommendations?

Thank you!

This is not relevant to the problem.

Also this is not relevant to the problem.

What happens?

What does the Page rule look like? Something like this?

You will also need DNS entries set to :orange: for the hostnames you want to redirect, but they can be dummy entries. I like to use a AAAA type set to 2::1 so it is obvious what it is for, but any valid DNS entry will do.

Thank you for suggestion @michael I added AAAA record as you suggested. It is not redirecting yet. Perhaps needs to propagate. I will come back and update once some time will pass… Thank you again @michael

You probably want the URL to be:

And the AAAA record would then need to be for www.

@michael Thank you a lot. Your recommendation helped me solve the issue. I am forever grateful for your help!

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