Trying to redirect new domain registered with cloudflare

I registered a new domain with Cloudflare Registrar tonight. My short-term goal is to just have the entire domain redirect to my youtube or facebook account to let some family easily find my videos until i can put a website up. I don’t crrently have any actual hosting.

My goal is to just redirect the domain as I have done with previous registrars.

My understanding from several blogs is you do this at Cloudflare through multiple steps - defining some dummy A records for www and the root @ domain to something like so the bulk redirects will work.

Then you add a redirect list with an entry for the domain and the destination site.

Then you add a bulk redirect rule to activate the list.

I’ve done that - but am getting no resolution from outside Cloudflare for the domain. THe domain itself if queried shows a couple of A records pointing to Cloudflare IPs. It’s only been an hour or two since i registered the domain and set up the redirects - do I just need to wait or is it possible I’ve missed a step for doing this kind of redirect at the regitrar/dns lev el with Cloudflare without an underlying actual site yet?

As a followup - doing a nslookup and connecting directly to the assigned dns servers for the domain (emily[dot]ns[dot]Cloudflare[dot]com and elmo[dot]ns[dot]Cloudflare[dot]com gives “can’t find domain” from the servers themselves - so perhaps it just hasn’t actually propagated into the assigned NS servers yet?

What’s the domain?

As it turns out I was just not patient enough - it is working now. I just didn’t give it enough time. Thanks!

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