Trying to redirect my domain to subdomain & add https to subdomain

I am trying to redirect my domain “” to my subdomain “” and add https to that “” subdomain.

I have added a CNAME record so the “” subdomain is live but i want the xyz/com domain to forward there. I tried the URL redirect in page rules but it is not working.

Can anyone help me?

This has to be done at your host.

hey man thx for replying! I’m brand new to this stuff so can you explain it like I’m a toddler haha. I also get this message in the DNS section of cloudflare:

“Add an A, AAAA, or CNAME record for www so that will resolve.”

Not sure what this means. Just want the domain to forward to subdomain and for that subdomain to have https which i thought I already setup

Do you have a dns record for the subdomain called news…(or one for www while we’re at it)?

Great and helpful tutorials on redirects:

If you have an ssl certificate on a working site prior to starting with cloudflare it’s a lot easier to ensure you end up with visitor to origin (end to end) security on a site that functions as expected. Your host can help you get started with securing the origin server they are hosting for you. Details on how that affects subdomains in this #tutorials

Hey everyone, I’m brand new to Cloudflare and find it kind of confusing lol. I set up a newsletter on Revue (twitter bought it earlier this year) and am trying to do two things.

  1. Add https on the subdomain. I followed the instructions Revue provides (How to make your custom domain secure with SSL | Revue Help Center) and it is still unsecure. Perhaps this take time to reflect or I messed something up? lol

  2. How to I redirect my domain lets call it “” to my subdomain “”? I tried creating a page rule and adding a temporary URL redirect. But it didnt work. I also get the following error message in the DNS settings in Cloudflare: "Add an A, AAAA, or CNAME record for www so that will resolve

Not sure what to do and if anybody can help?

Thanks guys I figured out via a tutorial on stackoverflow. Appreciate the help!

+1 excellent, let us know if anything comes up. And, share the helpful :so: link here for others to find as well.

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