Trying to point WIX from CloudFlare

Hello, I updated from Free to Pro specifically get some help in order to properly set up my DNS account. In doing so, Cloudflare scanned my webpage and changed all of my DNS records in which 75% of them are now all marked as having issues.

Update: The records are not marked as issues any more, but each A record is showing 2 IP addresses. My website went down, and I had to add a A record connecting to my website. But I need more assistance. Is there a professional that I can talk to or hire?

What is the domain @redrockraphael ?

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The apex works, but returns an Error 1000


Thank you very much for the information. Regarding the 1000 Error, you mention the two IP addresses that Cloudflare has added. They did it not only in the A website record and the A www record, but also in the following A records ā€¦ Autoconfig, Autodiscover, Cpanel, Cpcalendars, ftp, webdisk and whm records. Should I delete those also and add individuals of those to my webs IP address?

I just saw that Cloudflare is doing the same in the AAAA records of ftp, mail, ns1 & ns2

Make sure that your DNS entries in Cloudflare are set to :grey: DNS Only.
Wix does not work with :orange: Proxied entries.

You normally should not have any NS records in your Cloudflare dashboard DNS app. NS records would only be found in your Cloudflare dashboard DNS app when you are delegating a child zone to an external nameserver.

Check the records in your Cloudflare account to make sure they match those required by the so-called pointing method.


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