Trying to migrate a domain - but made a mistake the first time

Sorry for the newbie question, but things have always been so easy with Cloudflare, that I’ve never run into this issue before. I was trying to migrate a domain to Cloudflare, but got a bit ahead of myself and moved the name servers before the initial scan. I quickly realized the error, but it was too late - the scan didn’t find any records to use since I hadn’t migrated them yet. I went back and put them back - and while the DNS reads properly everywhere - every subsequent rescan seems to be searching a cached view of when it was pointed at Cloudflare prematurely.

Any thoughts on how to ensure that the next time it uses the actual settings instead of what I mistakenly did?

See if you can export the DNS records at your host:

At worst, you’ll have to open two browser windows and manually cut and paste DNS records from your host over to the Cloudflare DNS page.

When you realised it, did you follow these steps exactly in this order?

  1. Point the domain back to the old nameservers
  2. Remove the domain from Cloudflare
  3. Wait some time (preferably an hour or so)
  4. Re-add the domain

If you havent tried that yet, follow these steps in this order and particularly pay attention to #3.

If you have done that already, I’d have typically expected Cloudflare to be able to re-scan and not use a cache. If it doesnt work I’d open a support ticket and support should flush whatever cache there is :slight_smile:.

Last but not least, the manual way suggested by @sdayman is always a last resort :slight_smile:

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