Trying To Make "Always Online" and mediawiki play nicely together

OK, so my basic goal here is to make it so that (that specific page, in particular, but more would be great) stays up when the backend servers go down, but also allow logged in users to edit the site.

I’ve managed to convince mediawiki to send back reasonable caching headers so that a Page Rule of:

lojban [dot] org/ Always Online: On, Cache Level: Cache Everything

does what I want. If I don’t do “Cache Level: Cache Everything”, then the main content of the page isn’t cached, only the images, which isn’t super helpful.

I have several other page rules to bypass sections, like:

*lojban [dot] org/edit Cache Level: Bypass
*lojban [dot] org/Special: Cache Level: Bypass

, that sort of thing.

The problem is that now logging in has no effect if you’re on a page that’s been cached. Like, you’re still logged in, and the cookie is there, but there’s no edit button. I have not found any combination of Page Rules that does everything I want.

My next avenue of exploration is seeing if I can get the edit button to show up for non-logged-in users, and then even though users will appear to be not logged in it should probably work?

But it just seems like I can’t be the first person to try to do this, and I’m wondering what other people have figured out.

I suspect what I actually want is Bypass Cache On Cookie, but this is a small non-profit; we don’t have $200/month for this, unfortunately.

The page rules don’t show up properly in the post and I can’t edit them, so:

**               Always Online: On, Cache Level: Cache Everything

**edit*          Cache Level: Bypass
**Special:*      Cache Level: Bypass

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