Trying to locate who manages my companies DNS

Hi I am the new IT guy for Beaudesert Exhausts and no one here knows who is managing our domain name

A DNS check tells me that you are listed as our name servers, Can someone tell me who i need to speak to to find out.

Regards Peter.

Congratulations, it’s you!

Unfortunately no one here in the Community will have any way of knowing who preceded you in your role and Cloudflare staff cannot provide such information for the obvious privacy and security reasons.

Depending on what information you can obtain from your employer, you may be able to reset your account password if you know the email.

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Based on the who is look up I just did for your domain it’s most likely going to be you need to talk to Vince Dickson from He’s listed in the who is and it’s probably who set this up for you.

You should also be getting that corrected as well someone at your company should be at least listed there is the registrant contact.

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