Trying to locate an email address that is connected to Hostinger

An email address formerly associated with Hostinger has disappeared from their system and my account on their system. When I reached out to Ionos that has the domain contract they confirmed that the email address is connected to Hostinger and that I should reach out to Cloudflare to see if Cloudflare could locate it. Ionos referenced a partnership or connection between Cloudflare and Ionos. How can I research this missing email address with Cloudflare? I currently cannot send or receive email with that account. It has been broken for about 2-3 months.

Correction - “connection between Cloudflare and Hostinger.”

If you suspect the domain is on Cloudflare, you can use the forgot email portal to try to recover the account. This can help you to determine the email records in place, which may provide some insight.

Otherwise, Cloudflare is not an email provider, and you will need to work with Hostinger to determine what happened to the email

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