Trying to link landing page to subdomain. CNAME already exists

Hi guys

I’m pretty new to this and hope this is an easy fix.

I’m trying to link a mailchimp landing page to the subdomain
An error that record with www already exists comes up every time I’m trying to link new CNAME record along with www as told by mailchimp. What do you suggest? Would I be able to delete the other CNAME record with www? Cuz to me that would save the problem. As I’m a proper newbie I’d like to confirm with you before deleting.

Your help would be much appreciated!

There’s certainly already a CNAME for that.

And that CNAME matches the one for your root domain, which isn’t a surprise. It sounds like you’re trying to replace your website with that Mailchimp landing page. In which case, you can just click on the “Content” section of the CNAMEs for ‘www’ and ‘mabuha….de’ and put that us4 Target instead.

Thanks for getting back to me!
I’m now getting an 525 error :frowning:

Mailchimp doesn’t have SSL set up for your subdomain. You’d have to find out from them how it’s supposed to be configured.

Heya thanks for your reply.

That’s actually the problem - I don’t want to replace my website with the Mailchimp landingpage. I just want to add the subdomain to send people there for newsletter sign up.

Mailchimp got back to me to add CNAME www to solve 525 issue.

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