Trying to get ssh web browser working with no luck

Hello everybody.
I think I need a bit of help here. It’s been three days now that I am trying to get ssh working remotely from my home network, launching the shell in a web browser. I can successfully create the tunnel using the dashboard. I also can create a self hosted application and connet it to the aforementioned tunnel. Only, there is absolutely no way to get it working. Only thing I get is either a blank page or an error, stating: unable to connect to origin. I really don’t understand what the issue might be. I already have been able to start apps like “Cockpit” and get it perfectly working in a browser, outside my home network. Ssh however won’t work. I cannot attach more than one screenshot here, sadly, so I won’t attach any. I forgot to mention that I also tried to build the whole thing from cloudflared, in teh Terminal Shell. The Operating System is Fedora Linux. Please is there anybody willing to help with a step by step howto? I’d really appreciate it.
Thank you.

Hi Bro,

I think you missed browser rendering. Try this [Preformatted text](

yeah man, that did the trick. I overlooked that part completely. Now works just fine. Thank you very much…

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