Trying to get my domains to convey facebook pixels properly

[HELP] I’ve been trying to get my domains to convey facebook pixels properly and somehow messed up my domain and subdomain so that I can’t reach them any more

Looking for help with this issue, I can gladly send screenshots of what is needed just let me know when and what you need. Thank you guys so much!

Can you share the errors you are seeing?

I can, I will ask is it normal that I cannot just go to I have to google nicole-briggs first to reach the kajabi website or else it just takes me to a go daddy page? We got kajabi figured out mostly, now clickfunnels is giving us this error here.

I’ll also send this here just to make sure I have it linked correctly, our clickfunnels page is a subdomain of kajabi @

Visits to your website redirect to www with HTTPS and work:

The ‘shop’ URL redirects to this thank you page.

I’m sorry, I’m slightly confused here, are you saying to do: to instantly get to that web page?

And for the shop, I still for some reason cannot reach the site, how exactly are you typing it in?

To all of the above: when I click on your links, they work.

Do you think because of safety firewall settings I’m just not allowed to see them?

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