Trying to get help in setting up DNS

I’m having some problems, and wonder if anyone in the community here can help. Here’s the correspondence I’ve conducted with ghost as I try to move from my prior host to ghost…:

Do you know what this code at the bottom - code 1315 - refers to?

The DNS records on Cloudflare appear to be registered as required (other screenshot), but I am a little unclear on whether I need something besides a free account with Cloudflare, and if so why I am getting this message: “The zone you are trying to upgrade is marked as Do Not Upgrade. (Code: 1315)”



A free account is more than adequate for this, a paid account gets you no benefits as far as Ghost(Pro) is concerned.

My internal system is reporting this:
Invalid DNS - DNS is obfuscated and does not resolve to Ghost(Pro).

Which is odd because the DNS records do look correct.

To confirm, the current WordPress site uses … (no …) and you want… (with […])… on Ghost?


No, I would prefer to stick with the naked …

I tried that first - after not succeeding, I went to try … because it appeared to be the easier (preferred) preferred setup.

I’d like to switch back to the naked …



Got it. In that case, set the DNS records back to the ‘root domain’ setup and try again.

If that doesn’t work, let me know and I’ll pass this over to the support team.


I just did the root domain, and tried again. No success.

Will you help troubleshoot?



I just recognized I had tried doing “” when I want to do a naked …

I just changed that, and tried again, but Ghost won’t let me click on the “Activate” button:



This time, it did let me click the “activate” button on the naked …, but I got this message:

Unable to detect a valid CNAME record for …

(No changes made to the Cloudflare DNS record since the last screenshot I sent.)



I’m unsure what this could be. I’ll pass this over to the Support team now.

I am having the same problem today.

Are other people having this issue?

Hello @drew19,

It seems like there’s an issue with the DNS setup for your domain when trying to activate Ghost(Pro).

Here’s a step-by-step guide to troubleshoot the issue:

  • Log in to your Cloudflare account and go to the DNS settings for your domain.
  • Ensure that you have an A record pointing to the IP address provided by Ghost for your root domain (naked domain).
  • If you’re setting up a CNAME record, make sure it points to the correct Ghost(Pro) domain.
  • Double-check that there are no conflicting records (like an extra A record or CNAME) for the same subdomain.
  • After making changes, allow up to 24 hours for DNS propagation.

If the issue persists, contact Cloudflare Support and share a HAR file demonstrating the error code 1315 for further assistance.

Remember to clear your browser cache or use a different device to check if the changes have taken effect, as local caching can sometimes show outdated information.

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