Trying to figure out if DNS or ISP issue: This Site can't be reached


In the last couple days, I noticed that sometimes my website doesn’t load.

As per my knowledge experience: the “Server’s IP address cannot be found” message is due to losing internet connection or the DNS not finding an entry for the domain: ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED

When this happens I try opening other websites(not on my account) and they load. I go back try to refresh and nothing, try another domain on my account and nothing, except on one instance one opened and went back to the other and still didn’t open.

If anyone knows of a tool to diagnose this more closely or CloudFlare give some feedback, please share the official link to it. Thank you.

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Let us know if the quick fix idea here help

The domain had been working fine before, no changes were made to the DNS, all records are there. This is just happening this week intermittently. Oh, forgot to mention, it does works again after about 30 - 45 seconds.

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That is strange, I can confirm no recent changes to the dns records.

Tagging @MVP to see they’ve encountered this one before.

I can’t think of anything. The domain has valid DNSSEC.

Securitytrails says nothing’s changed in the last 8 months.

Something like would help with monitoring, but I suspect it’s a local DNS issue. Perhaps switching to or will help.


Thanks for the suggestion, I could change my DNS connection but won’t help the visitors. I will check out uptimerobot and see what results come out of it.

It just happened again and noticed this, the address bar had the exclamation point in a circle.


This is a example of how it looks in the address bar, couldn’t catch it on mine(wrong key-stroke).

I wonder if this is the default state in Chrome.

With the exception of Verizon FIOS in Brooklyn (I’ve seen incorrect results from this one before), your visitors shouldn’t have an issue connecting.

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