Trying to enable API access for account

I want to enable API access for my account. I’m super admin and the only user, but when I try to do it I get this error: Invalid request: cannot update membership for own user (Code: 1001)

So, does this mean I have to create another account with a different email address so I can give that one API access?

I’m on the free plan. Not sure if this makes a difference?

Hi there,

Seems that you’re trying to run an API call to update your own membership… Which you wouldn’t be able to do.
What exactly are you trying?

You can do a simple test. Here’s the call to list the DNS records at a zone:

curl -X GET "" -H "X-Auth-Email: YOUR_EMAIL" -H "X-Auth-Key: YOUR_API_KEY" -H "Content-Type: application/json"

If that works, now you know the API is working fine. Use it to adapt to whichever calls you need to do.

Take care.