Trying to email a cloudfare web site

i am trying to reply to a web site that emailed me but the connection keeps timing out. when i tried to search the ip address i got a message that it was a cloudfare protected web site and that i could not do a direct ip search because i did not have a valid header host. any ideas as how i can verify the web site by the ip address?

If it’s not your website, then we can’t help you get information from their account. You’ll have to track down the owner by looking for contact info on their site, or social media.

you misunderstand i do not want info on their accout i am only tring to see if the ip address that their support email shows is correct or if there is a problem with my email not sending the message to them i do not want their account info just trying to verify the email address that they give on their site to the ip that it is being sent to

ok i have recieved a message from my email support on why i have been unable to contact the account in question:


The message has not been delivered because port 25 on the receiver’s servers is unreachable. Please find another way to contact your receiver or get in touch with his email service support and ask why it could be unreachable for Yandex.

can anyone tell me why port 25 would be unreachable from my email address?

I can think of a couple of possibilities without any effort:

  1. There is no mail server running on the MX hostname.
  2. The mail server hostname is behind the Cloudflare proxy :orange: which does not listen for SMTP traffic.

As both @sdayman and your enail support have indicated, you will need to find another way to contact the site operator.

other than their web page there is no other contact info on them which is why i was asking here in case my server was not formating something right. so it sounds like this shop is running a fraudulent site stealing people’s money then since they can not be contacted.

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