Trying to Diagnose Caching Issue

I have a Hugo site deployed on Cloudflare. It is all static. Looking at the traffic analytics page for the last seven days, it says there were 115K total requests and 20K cached requests. It seems low to me.

These are my settings:

Under Caching → Cache Rules, I only have one rule: when hostname equals, then:

  • Eligible for cache
  • Edge TTL: override origin, a year duration.
  • Browser TTL: override origin, a year duration

Argo Tiered Cache is turned on. Cache reserve is turned on.

I get that the site won’t be cached all the time at all locations, but a hit rate of less than 20% on a fully static site seems too low.

Or am I missing something and it is correct?

If this is Pages, you shouldn’t add any cache settings. Pages has its own caching because it’s not coming from an origin server, like regular sites. Your site is stored at the edge, similar to how Cloudflare caching works.

Similar discussion here:

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Ahh, exactly the answer I was looking for. Thanks!

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