Trying to Delete Website from Cloudflare

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I deleted the DNS settings and my website from Cloudflare a couple of hours ago to migrate the DNS to Route53 on the AWS. When I try to open my website, it intermittently shows cloudflare Error page with the following error message

Error 1001

Ray ID: 60393cafaa2edf3e • 2020-12-18 13:30:11 UTC

DNS resolution error

How much time does it take to register out of the Cloudflare DNS network ?

Seem it’s deleted from cloudflare

Check it here:

If you still got that error on your computer, then try to flush dns cache
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Thanks for looking into my issue. could you checkout this link which show the cloudflare error page.


This is the error it shows even now on http

Wrong setting for @ record. your site working fine on www subdomain but root domain does not work.

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So my site is intermittently showing up, and then showing the Cloudflare error 1001 on HTTP (Non HTTPS). Once I am able to wriggle out of the Cloudflare error showing up on my site, I can then work on properly configuring my Route53 DNS setting.

Thanks for looking into my problem

Thanks for sharing your insight, I could overcome the issue by changing the DNS setting

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