Trying to curl to a site protected by cloudflare


A site that I started protecting with cloudflare supports calls from other servers using this command:


however with cloudflare, the curl commans gets back html telling your to enable javascript -

how can I change some setting in cloudflare to allow the curl command to run from other servers?



You need to whileist the IP where you send the request from.


that;s impossible since the request could come from thousands of servers. this is a block explorer for a cryptocurrency and we have thousands of users that need too access the data


Then you can create a page rule for that specific path which drops security altogether.


is there some guidance on how to do that - I have this url published in hundreds of places - that seems like a lot of work - I think I’ll just abandon cloudflare


Thats explained in the support area. It literally only takes a few seconds to set up.


Sounds like you’ve enabled I’m Under Attack Mode. You could disable that, either globally or using a page rule for the URI in question.


it’s actually a subdomain of the site that I have no need to protect


Then don’t :orange: the record in your DNS control panel.


thank you very much - I appreciate the fast responses!


I assume this subdomain does not point to the original server, right?


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