Trying to create a second level subdomain

I’m trying to create a staging environment for one of services and want to set a 2nd level in the form of and I get the attached error. Any ideas?

Hi @jgiox,

That would be:

we already have a dedicated cert from Cloudflare not the universal one as your link indicates :slight_smile: but we still get the error from the screenshot.


Can you post a screenshot of the certificate you have configured with the subdomains you added, and also the domain and subdomain in question, if you can.

We got the below certificate from CF

And the domain is (most probably it won’t be accessible since it sits behind CF Access)

You haven’t added the SAN you need to that certificate. * will only cover first level subdomains, as with the universal cert.

You will need to add * or there.


Now I get an 526 error, does that mean that I have to change the origin certificate as well?

Yes, if you’re using Cloudflare Origin Certificates, you will need to generate a new one to cover the additional subdomains, as well.

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