Trying to create a CNAME record pointing to my Residential ISP Static IP address

Hi there, I’m pretty new to this sort of thing, but very excited to learn and get a few things up and running.
I have an unRAID server at home that I have installed Nextcloud Docker Container on, and want to create a subdomain for my domain name that I can use to point to that Nextcloud instance.
In the DNS management page for my domain I have Type=CNAME, NAME=nextcloud, TARGET=mystaticIPaddress, PROXY STATUS=disabled, TTL=Auto.

When I click Save I get the following error: DNS Validation Error (Code: 1004) Content for CNAME record is invalid.
If anyone can help me resolve this I would be most appreciative. Aplogies in advance for the Noobish question.

A DNS record pointing to anIO address is an A record. Try creating one of those with the IP address you have.

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Hi. You should use an A record (A records resolve domains/subdomains to IP addresses). CNAME records resolve domains to other domains (LIke to or to for example)

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Thank you so much, this makes total sense. The guide I was following was using a cname as they were pointing to a Duck DNS address that tracks a dynamic IP address rather than a static IP address that I have.

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