Trying to connect Mail Chimp to my domain for landing pages

I’m trying to update my cname records in Cloudflare, but it won’t let me. It’s so I can have custom domain URLs for my mail chimp landing pages. What do I do here?

And if I replace the A record will everything still work fine?

You’re going to replace your website with a Mailchimp page?

What happens when you try updating your DNS records?

I’m trying to create a landing page MailChimp with a custom URL, I don’t want to transfer my site or anything to MailChimp just have my url show up instead of the generated MailChimp one for a landing page for email collection

. when I click on the connect domain, I get taken to the next page and then I go to the highlighted link and then I get the first image. then how do I edit the cname records in Cloudflare?

As soon as you point your apex domain’s DNS record to Mailchimp, they become your website. What you circled is about connecting a domain name, and then they become your landing pages and website with a “more professional look.”

You can do it with a subdomain instead:

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