Trying to connect first domain name thru CNAME


Allright, it is all a bit new for me.
I own several domain names witch are all connected to my builder thru CNAMES
So no i am learnig how to do put a SSL on one of my domain names, so i already chanched the nameservers etc…still something is not ok and i get this code:


Annyone can help me out here what to to,


My process is usually:
Set up Cloudflare, with those CNAMES, and have them set to :grey: to make sure they work.
While that’s working, enable SSL (flexible if your server doesn’t have SSL, Full/Strict if it does)
Wait for SSL Status to become “Active Certificate”
Go back to DNS settings here and change the :grey: to :orange:

What’s your domain?
What’s your SSL Status?
Does your CNAME’d server have SSL for your domain?
What’s your SSL setting? Flexible, or full?

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