Trying to connect custom domain (hypeddit)

Hi hi, I’m trying to connect a custom domain to Hypeddit but it says its not connected. This is all wayy above my head so I’m trying to work out what Im doing wrong. The only thing I can think could be a problem is where I’m entering the name servers- does this need to be on Wix or where I bought the domain (123 reg)? thanks!

These details are helpful in figuring out the issue.

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Do you have Wix as your domain registrar? You won’t be able to assign Cloudflare’s name servers there. Wix doesn’t allow changing their nameservers

If your domain is registered with Cloudflare, you cannot change the Registration name servers to a Wix name server.

If your domain is registered elsewhere and not Wix and Not Cloudflare, you should be able to update the name servers at that 3rd party domain name registrar to point to Wix’s own name servers.

Post what domain name your are working on.

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