Trying to Connect a Yola site to Cloudflare

I used but wasn’t able to solve my issue. My domain is at GoDaddy, but the site is build through Yola since it’s supposed to be compatible with Cloudflare. Can someone please help a novice figure out how to make this work properly?

What’s the domain?

Oh…here’s something from Yola that should help:

Good morning and thanks for the article. The domain is

It looks like you’re using Cloudflare DNS, but it’s pointed to a “for sale” page.

Did you enter the IP address shown in the article I linked to?

I appreciate the article. Since it the registar is GoDaddy, but the nameservers are Cloudflare, I’ll need to forward everything through Yola. Once propagation takes place, then I can then send it through Cloudflare from Yola’s DNS.

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