Trying to confirm traffic is proxied to Cloudflare

I’ve successfully updated my nameservers and was trying to test to confirm website traffic is proxied to go through Cloudflare via this guide:

When entering ‘https:// /cdn-cgi/trace’ into my browser (replaced ‘example’ with my domain), I don’t get the expected output. I get ‘File not found’ on my website.

The article says:
If you don’t observe a similar output:

  1. Confirm your DNS record is orange-clouded - DONE, CONFIRMED
  2. Enter your domain at ICANN WHOIS to confirm the Name Servers only list Cloudflare nameservers for your domain, or - DONE, CONFIRMED
  3. Contact Cloudflare Support

Confirmed 1 and 2, all looks good so now asking for input.

What’s the domain?

Looks good to me.

Oh okay, nice. Thanks for checking for me. We can close this topic.

I get this but it probably has to do with cache:

Try flushing your DNS resolver cache, and refreshing in your browser with CTRL-F5

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