Trying to confirm billing details

cannot log into account and the system is not sending any details to change password to our email

a search on cloudflare system does not locate our domain name but if I google our domain name cloudflare is the server

all this to attempt confirm payment details are up to date for renewal

I will take a look, can you share the domain name?

annual pmt to cloudlare due for domain fee. logged into cloudflare but our domain is not showing anywhere and therefore cannot be paid. there is 0 support nor is there any information on what do do in this circumstance.


Account and billing support are available on all plans, including free plans. You have a response from a Cloudflare employee awaiting your reply three days ago. You should probably follow up on that existing topic.

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Thank you for commenting. I did respond to the email, but it kicked back from your system, saying it had links in it. Those are the same links that were sent to me by the employee. Now resending without the links that were already in the email from the employee.

I’ve also attempted to locate our domain and billing information within the Cloudflare website and the best I can find is not available. 100% Cloudflare is the host of our domain.

I don’t do website, domains, and hosting for a living, but your website is impossible for a person like me to just do basic payments and confirmations.

However, I am able to navigate 15 other platforms that I currently operate with numerous businesses I’m involved in. Yours is the most challenging.

I really do appreciate the comment and the suggestions

Apologies the first reply email was kicked back saying links are not allowed. Resending with the hope they’ll be able to finally get some answers on how to actually locate our account. Confirm billing details and change them if needed.

They are now, you can share that here

Apologies I didn’t add the links. I just was a random kick back from the Cloudflare system I wasn’t expecting. It was the source of the delayed response.

Do you have any suggestions to locate the area on Cloudflare website where I can confirm our payment details for hosting our domain name?

Thank you

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The account to which you cannot login, is that a different account than you are using here?

The domain you shared is not registered with Cloudflare Registrar. I do not see any cloudflare bills associated with that account so I am not sure of what renewal you’re questioning.

It is using cloudflare nameservers, and has been for 3 years.

Is the issue that you’ve lost access to the account that holds the domain?

Payment details are here -
You can look at the DNS A record (A for Address) and copy the IP value of that record and check here to see who owns the IP, IP WHOIS Lookup, that will tell you the hosting provider.

Cloudflare is not hosting your website nor is cloudflare the registrar for your domain name. In looking at the public history on the IP address for your site,

From that information, I’d guess that godaddy is hosting the site. That is the last non-cf IP I see on securitytrails.

WRT your domain registrar, whois can tell you that, I see

   Registrar WHOIS Server:
   Registrar URL:
   Updated Date: 2022-10-04T14:08:11Z
   Creation Date: 2007-10-19T04:42:03Z
   Registry Expiry Date: 2023-10-19T04:42:03Z

@gtcurry Tucows is a wholesale registrar and while the generally tend to have good support, they do not work directly with the registrant. Your OpenSRS (Tucows) reseller appears in the whois record found in the Tucows database.

Registration Service Provider:
YourWebHosting, [email protected]
This company may be contacted for domain login/passwords,
DNS/Nameserver changes, and general domain support questions.

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