Trying to configure the gateway & gateway proxy correctly and make green on pfSense

Hey people,

I’m trying to use Cloudflare teams and utilize all the options it offers, however it keeps saying nothing is changed / secure.

Currently my firewall is pfsense, I added the given DNS ip’s into it and the DNS over TLS but still no dice it just says " Your network is not protected." does anyone have an idea on what I’m missing? Or has a similar setup and could share how to set it up correctly? Or is it not at all possible with pfsense?

I can post more info if needed, let me know!

Thanks in advance!

Just for information, I am able to add a website in the block list under DNS in the teams portal and make it work correctly (not being able to access the website). But it still doesn’t report anything positive back on

And before anyone asks, I have disabled google’s browser DNS security and also tried all the other browsers.