Trying to change my nameservers

when trying to change my dns to cloudfare’s namerverser, my host is asking for the ip address in addition to the namserver - where do I find this?

Hi @stickleback,

You can use a command such as nslookup on Windows or dig on Linux/Mac to find the IPs, or an online tool such as

Alternatively, if you post your Cloudflare nameservers here, we can check the IPs for you.

But please make sure that you are changing your nameservers at your domain registrar, which may be the same company as your host, but often not found in the same control panel.

Many thanks - I actually figured it out and made the change - then I realised I’d broken my emails - and figured out how to fix that - all part of the wonderful learning curve (mountain) I climb daily…

Really appreciate your help… I often find that these tech sites assume that everyone knows exactly what they’re talking about… not so… not in my case anyway :wink:


Excellent, glad you got it sorted :slight_smile: Please just let us know if you have any further questions.

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