Trying to change host header

Trying to change the host header for a web site hosted behind cloudflare. We have the business plan with cloudflare (not using load balacing, just proxying currently). Basicly all I want to do is the following:

Client enter once it hits cloudflare I want to change the host in the header from to

Ive tried everything and I cant get it to work. Any suggestions.

All of the DNS is setup correctly.



Why whould you change the Host header?

Why not send 301/302 redirects so from to


Only Enterprise plans are allowed to change Host Headers, as it’s often used for nefarious purposes.

We dont want to show that to the end user/client. URL should remain original to what the client entered as the URL.

Thats disappointing.

The alternative would be using Cloudflare Workers to fetch contents from a new domain while retain the domain name shown to the user.

Thanks I will give that a shot.

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