Trying to cache responsive pages to serve different AdSense units for Mobile and Desktop


I’ve got a CF Pro Plan and I’m trying to cache the pages of my website, which are responsive and show the same contents for Desktop and for Mobile, with the exception of the location of the AdSense units if the visit is from Desktop or from Mobile:

  • for Desktop, I place the first ad (a 728x90 banner) just under the page title
  • for Mobile, the first ad is a below-the-fold 300x250 unit

If I use the Page Rules of my CF Pro Plan, I would cache each URL for the first visit, but the contents would be just Desktop or Mobile, but not for both devices depending of the visitor.

I’m aware that there are more-expensive CF plans which would allow me to fix this issue, but I wondered if there was a smart solution (e.g. using responsive AdSense units).

Currently, I’m forced to query the database with each visitor (with the consequent load increment), to serve contents that are changed each 10 years. I’m considering to use different URLs for Mobile and Desktop ( and, but I wouldn’t like to check how Google manage them.

I wondered if any of you had similar experiences. Thank you.

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