Trying To Block a range of IP addresses

I am struggling trying to understand the CIDR Notation. I understand that wil reference all if the addresses from 217.160.0/0 to

but I only want to block - I can’t figure out if that is or /8

I have tried /32 to attempt to block the German miscreant who is accessing all many of my sites in bursts of ~10 access per second for ~5 seconds at a time.
Sorry to be so dumb. = - = - = - =

Lots of resources to explain, or calculate these, if you Google for it.

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Try an online CIDR calculator - we use CIDR to IPv4 Address Range Utility Tool | IPAddressGuide - they do an IPV4 and an IPV6 one

Given the ASN that the range in question belongs to I would be tempted block that ASN completely, we do

Thanks… how do I block the whole of the ASN? and who does it belong to? I couldn’t get much out of IPLookup except cskutterfebsscr11.ext.server.lan

Thanks SJR … I did google it but had difficulty understanding – I didn’t find a simple explanation like you have helpfully given.

Cloudflare radar is the easiest lookup tool…

In the WAF, ASN is a field you can choose from the list to block/challenge/skip.

Thanks again SJR and i am sorry for asking a dumb question…

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