Trying to Add Subdomain - Running into Error

I am stuck with creating a Subdomain in my cloudflare account.

I have a Primary Blog - ```
This is what I use to attract traffic and sell 1-1 consulting services. 

Now I want to sell courses and I am trying to set up a subdomain ```.` 

All courses are hosted on a fully built cloud service offered by Learndashcloud. My learndash account support gave me these records to create -

To connect your subdomain: ``, please add the following records to your domain's DNS zone files:

Type: A
Host: courses
Data: 199.189.XXX.XX
TTL: Auto

Type: CName
Host: courses
Data: ameerkhatri. com
TTL: Auto

`I was able to create the A record, but while creating the CNAME entry, Cloudflare points to an error code. This is the link to the error code - [records-with-same-name`](https: //`

It says I cannot have 2 records with the same name. But every blog I read asked me to create both A and CNAME record and now I am not able to create them. 

`Second, since my A record is set, then I tried to go visit `courses. ameerkhatri. com` it just shows SSL error.`

Can someone guide me.

You can’t create a CNAME and an A record for the same host. That’s not a valid DNS configuration and it doesn’t make any sense that they would tell you to do that.

In addition, the CNAME they want you to create is just pointing back to your main site, which isn’t what you want at all.

If you just create the A record and not the CNAME, does it work? Since their instructions don’t make sense in the context of any DNS provider, you would need better instructions to try much beyond that.


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