Trying to add new subdomain but getting Server Down Error

Hi, I am trying to add a new subdomain, and when trying to get the SSL to work I am getting a Server Down Error. The server is working fine and the issue seems to be with the SSL. I am hosting the subdomain and the man domain both on Digital Ocean. Help!!

What’s the subdomain in question (eg

Thanks for respondong

I suspect SSL/HTTPS may not be working on the origin server for the subdomain site.

To test, go to your Cloudflare DNS screen, and temporarily put the subdomain’s record in DNS-only mode to bypass the Cloudflare proxy.

Then check the site and make sure it’s working with https (ie If this does not work, you need to solve the issue on your server.

After you get HTTPS working for the subdomain, you can get back to your Cloudflare DNS screen and put the subdomain back in Proxied mode to let Cloudflare protect the site.

If the above doesn’t solve your problem, go over the documentation below for other possible causes and solutions:

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