Trying to add my domain to Salesforce but I keep getting DNS prohibited


I am new cloudflare! I am trying to set up a custom domain in Salesforce. The custom domain that I am trying to add is I have attached what I am trying to do in SalesForce.
When I click on a non-salesforce host it asked for an external host and I put cloudflares name server but I don’t know if this is 100% correct. Can anyone please help me with getting this set up. When you go to I get an CloudFlare error 1000.

I don’t see a “DNS Prohibited” message. Try setting that CNAME to :grey: DNS Only so Salesforce can see the actual CNAME value instead of a Proxied “A” record.

Thank you again! I am going to try this and will let you know! Will I have to change my SSL/TLS settings to Full or keep it to Full (Strict)

You shouldn’t have to make any SSL/TLS settings changes. That custom subdomain at Salesforce should have proper SSL for your hostname.

Thank you, it appears salesforce is now provisioning the domain name, so I am just waiting to see if I can activate it! Ill reply if there is any issues! Thanks against for your help! You have been so helpful!


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