Trying to add IONOS name server to cloudflare

My domain is registered with Cloudflare. I’m signed up with IONOS for my email hosting in Outlook. IONOS is asking me to add these nameservers to Cloudflare and I cannot figure out how to make it work.
I added them to the DNS Management section, but they seem to want them added to the Cloudflare Nameservers section. I assume this because they say they are only seeing the two items in the Cloudflare Nameserver section.
They aren’t asking to replace, just to add.

I submitted a ticket, but my subscription is for community only. Community, please help me.

You cannot change the nameservers of a domain registered with Cloudflare as is mentioned at the time of registration.

Just use the Cloudflare DNS to point at your Ionos hosting/server using the A/AAAA/CNAME records you are given.

You can delegate nameservers for subdomains by adding NS records, but adding NS records for the apex domain as you have done won’t work.

If you really want to use Ionos nameservers, then you will need to transfer the domain out of Cloudflare to another registrar.

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Thank you. To confirm, I did what you are stating but used NS, your are suggesting I use CNAME instead, correct?

I don’t mean to use CNAMEs to point at Ionos nameservers if that’s what you think I’m saying.

You need to find out the IP address of your Ionos hosting/server (or a CNAME if that is given instead) and add that to your Cloudflare DNS.

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LOL - I’m not sure what I think you are saying because none of this really makes sense to me.

I went deeper into their set-up. This screenshot below was not offered when I called. I believe I’ve done the set up as outlined. This would not require me to add the name servers, but verifies my ownership of the domain.

I will also ask about the IP addresses. If IP addresses don’t work and the verification above doesn’t work, I will proceed with the transfer.

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checking to see that you saw my response.

The verification TXT record isn’t showing for some reason (the other two from your screenshot are)…

Is it still set or have you removed it?

You also still don’t have any records pointing at Ionos by A/AAAA/CNAME. You need to ask them what those should be and add them to your Cloudflare DNS.

I took it out. I asked them what you suggested and they will not provide that data. I used CF to grab the name several months ago. Now trying to put it to use is becoming more work that I prefer when I just want a domain and outlook email.
I tried to transfer the domain to IONOS, but that isn’t working either.

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