Trying to add domain - Can anyone escalate in support?

Good Morning Everyone, trying to add “” as a domain, however it sends back - Please ensure you are providing the root domain and not any subdomains (e.g.,, not

I have whois data and current nameservers on this domain and it is registered through Neustar whom controls the registration for City/Local governments on .us TLDs

[email protected] sends back an automated message, and I have no other options to open a ticket since this is a free plan, right now. I’m stuck as I can’t even add the domain to choose the paid plan for support.

Any ideas?

You would need to add as is on the Public Suffix List. You can’t add the ci hostname without using a CNAME setup on the business plan or having subdomain zone support on an Enterprise plan. Are you looking at one of those?

So there are no SOA’s for and the Whois is controlled by Neustar. We only have access/control over the

Should I reach out to Neustar possibly? I’m not sure if we will be moving to a paid plan, unless I can get this up and running to test the functionality first.

They will not be able to help you, unfortunately without an Enterprise contract you would not be able to get on Cloudflare without control of

Cloudflare checks the domain against the Public Suffix List at Unless is on there then you can’t add a subdomain of that (with the caveat of a custom Enterprise contract).

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