Trying to add AWS Workmail CNAME & MX record to CloudFlare DNS

Im currently having some trouble adding CNAME and MX records to Cloudflare DNS for validating my domain name to work with AWS WorkMail.

In WorkMail there are 3 stages of records to add to verify you won the domain.

  1. Verify domain ownership
    This is adding a TXT record to Cloudflare - i have done this with success

2.Finalize mail setup
I have added an MX record here but aws says it is Inconsistent and Im not sure why ?

  1. Increase Security
    I dont know how to add the CNAME records from AWS to Cloudflare as they seem to have different structures.

Please see the image - top half is how do I transfer the CNAME - bottom is the MX record being inconsistent;

Is the Hostname of that MX record just (but with your actual domain). It shouldn’t include a subdomain. What happens if you click the little ‘i’ icon?

That _domainkey CNAME is weird for several reasons. 1) _domainkey is usually a TXT record. 2) It would usually be a DKIM format record. But on the assumption you’re doing it mostly right, it should probably not have your actual domain at the end, if that’s what’s blacked out. Just end it at _domainkey

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