Trying to add additional dkim cname records getting Code: 89018

Trying to add two cname records for atlassian DKIM support, but get this error:

Cannot create a non-glue record that is beneath a delegated child zone. (Code: 89018)

These are the records I’m adding:

s1._domainkey IN CNAME
s2._domainkey IN CNAME

I have various other records identical to this with other providers, never had this issue before. Anyone know what’s going on and how to fix? Thank you!

Can you post a screenshot of the fields as you’re entering them?

That looks proper.

Back to the original message, are you delegating a child zone? Is this a standard Cloudflare setup of an apex domain with the usual set of DNS records?

Not delegating anything. This is just at the root of one of our domains.

Here’s some existing records we have:

Well I just tried again after coming back from lunch, and they both went in fine! Weird! Thank you or the help @sdayman !

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