Trying to add a website to Cloudflare to enable SSL

Hello all,

I´m sorry to bother you, here is a quick overview of my problem.
My father runs a little website via Magix, the webite is also hosted there. The URL is:

wwwroseverlagde (I had to delete the dots because it would not let me post links)

As you notice, the website does not use SSL and he wanted to get that up and running. Magix support told him that they themself don´t offer SSL via their webhosting but he could use something like Cloudflare to get said certificate for free, download it and then mail it to them (?) and they would then do him a favour and hook it up on their end.

So we made an account and tried to add his website, but only got the “unvalid domain” error, nothing happend. I tried googling similiar issues and found this forum, including some threads that sound like they could have the solution but I´ll be honest, I have absolute 0 knowledge about anything in regards to websites, hosting etc. I have a feeling that it is a very mundane issue, but still I can´t get behind it.

If any of you could point me in the right direction and at the same time explain it like they would to a 5 year old I´d be very happy. Thank in advance and for reading.


I am afraid your host’s information is wrong. Cloudflare does provide certificates, but these are only valid in a proxied context (so your site would have to be on Cloudflare) and won’t be any different from any other certificate, e.g. Let’s Encrypt. In that context Cloudflare will not do anything more than what any of those other CAs already do.

If you just need a certificate, you won’t need Cloudflare, just head over to and check out how to get a certificate. But it should really be your host who assists you here and if they don’t, I’d strongly recommend to find a better host.

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