Trying to add a self-hosted application to CloudFlare Zero Trust, but get error

Hi all,

Whenever I try to add a self-hosted application for a friend, I get this error:

Error configuring your application: Access api error invalid_request: domain does not belong to zone

On the other Cloudflare account I have access to (my own), it works fine, but obviously for a completely different domain. I’ve setup a lot of Zero Trust Applications in the past without issues.

Any ideas? From what I can see, the domain definitely belongs to the zone as that’s how I’m able to select it. Is this a problem at Cloudflare’s side?

I believe I figured out the problem: the domain still existed on an another account in a ‘Moved’ state. After removing the domain from that account, Cloudflare’s Zero Trust feature allowed me to add the application.

Problem at Cloudflare that needs fixing from what I can see.